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Sage 50 Accounting Promotional Videos

Sage Software develops Sage 50 Accounting software (formerly Peachtree Accounting).

In order to boost consumer confidence at the point of purchase online, the web marketing team proposed to created a series of videos that summarize, differentiate and confirm features and functionality for each flavor of Sage 50 software. Each video targets a specific customer profile, from single-user to enterprise-level businesses.

After gathering input from several teams including sales, marketing, user experience, product and legal, I developed four scripts. Once finalized, I roughed out visuals, animated in Flash and edited voice over and music. The iconic illustrations are mostly original with a few simple modifications from a set of stock icons to speed up the production, including a few tool icons (screwdriver, wrench, saw, etc.), the forklift, the tractor-trailer, a stop watch and a pad lock. The line elements drifting in the background were part of the Sage brand, along with the color palette.

Sage 50 Complete

Sage 50 Pro

Sage 50 Premium

Sage 50 Quantum

Sage Advisor

Sage Advisor is a proprietary system of personalized user assistance created for Sage 50 Accounting software. By tracking customer usage and purchase history, Sage Advisor can recommend relevant partner services, thereby monitizing the user experience through big data while also measuring change in behavior. Sage Advisor also seeks to address customer retention and reduce support call volume. More about the UX strategy by the creator of Sage Advisor here.

I created designs to support Sage Advisor, including a landing page, YouTube channel, custom player, in-product launch pad, and interactive created for enrollment into Sage University courses. Working with the subject matter expert, I created a library of branded, animated demos for explaining specific processes. I also edited scripts and recorded and directed voice over with internal voice talent.

Sage Advisor Landing Page

View animated video demos here.

The characters were created by an agency and the site meets corporate branding guidelines. I also wrote the descriptive copy for each section.

Sage Advisor Landing Page

Example Video Demo

The option to access these videos is triggered from within the desktop product when a customer encounters a task that might be performed more efficiently. Each video demo (The 'Show Me How' section) was created in Flash, and I also designed the player skin, the intro graphic branding treatment (I did not design the character), and I typically animate the character briefly at the conclusion of each video. The musical chime at the beginning was extracted from a song by a friend of mine. The usability team identifies which features should be addressed with a video, and a trainer develops the scripts which I often edit for mechanical errors/improvements. We then record with voice talent by phone using a studio in New York, and I edit and add audio to the Flash video. I add scripts to the html pages that contain each video for tracking purposes - we use WebTrends.

Example Video Demo

Sage Advisor Interactive Presentation

Sage Advisor Interactive Presentation - An alternative to Power Point that helps the presentor explain Sage Advisor - faint interface controls at the bottom, the user can trigger animations as they speak.

Sage Advisor Interactive Presentation

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